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Migrating birds
Spanish & Moroccan Music

Roger Morelló Ros & Babylon Orchestra 

It is based on the connection of various cultures across the Mediterranean, in particular the Moroccan and Spanish culture.

Pieces from Pau Casals, Bartolomeo de Selma, Gaspar Cassadó, Rogelio Huguet y Tagell, Isaac Albéniz, Elisenda Fábregas, Alaa Zouiten, Mischa Tangian.

Between the two poles of the two neighboring countries Spain and Morocco, a style of its own has developed over the centuries, which is often referred to as "Andalusian music". In multicultural Spain under Islamic rule, a close cultural exchange between Christian, Jewish and Muslim cultures developed, which has had a lasting impact on Spanish music to this day. The folk music of the various cultures that mingled in southern Spain with the Sephardic Jewish and Sinti-Roma music that was a major influence on flamenco is still evident in modern Spanish as well as Arabic music today. “Migrating birds” are the melodies that move like the wind and the people across the Mediterranean, sometimes to the west, sometimes to the east, sometimes to the south.

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