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The Voice of Casals

"We must think of ourselves as one of the leaves of a tree, and the tree is the whole of humanity. We cannot live without each other, without the tree".


„I am a man first, an artist second. My first obligation is to the welfare of my fellow man. I will strive to fulfil this obligation through music, as it transcends language, politics and national boundaries."

- Pau Casals (1876-1973)

In „The Voice of Casals", Roger Morelló Ros wants to pay homage to the genius of Pau Casals as the most important artist and humanist of the 20th century in Catalonia.

The selection of works from the album aims to be a portrait of the most relevant musical taste and also the most beloved authors by the master, starting with Bach's iconic suites, cello studies that Casals unearthed to turn them into solo concert material or the Suite for cello solo by his disciple Gaspar Cassadó. In addition, with „Les voix humaines" by Marin Marais, he plays with the title of the CD, a project that wants to give continuity to the legacy of Pau Casals together with the inclusion of commissioned works by Elisenda Fàbregas and Marc Migó, in homage to the figure and the land where he belonged.

Morelló believes that the cello can communicate ideas transcending the musical sphere, and his projects have a message, as does the album.

The Voice of Casals is a delightful album that introduces the great cellist to young generations.“

Interlude Hong-Kong

„An unbeatable way to pay tribute to the maestro Casals: uniting past and present.“

Revista Musical Catalana

„The Catalan has totally absorbed the very different pieces and plays them with a gripping interpretive power that never seems extroverted and confronts the listener with an honest and deeply felt discourse that is a pleasure to listen to.“

Pizzicato Magazine

„The cellist's debut solo album is a brilliant homage to his role model Pau Casals and their shared homeland of Catalonia.“

Rondo Magazine

„Morelló is a cellist with a distinctive tone and an impressive color palette. A musician who knows no technical limits and who gives each work on this CD its individual character with a great feel for nuances, form and content.“

Opus Klassiek

„The young cellist brings all of this to life with refreshing vitality and technical sovereignty.“

Aachener Zeitung

Cover Album The Voice of Casals
BackCover Album The Voice of Casals
Photos made in Pau Casals Museum
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