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Schumann goes Tango

„ Listen diligently to all the folk songs; they are a treasure trove of the most beautiful melodies and open to you the character of various nations.“ - Robert Schumann (1810 - 1856)


Both tango and Schumann's music draw on the popular tradition of their countries and are linked by a thread that goes to the depths of human passions. Just as we have different cultures within our country, of our identity, music is a language and a place where different styles merge. "Schumann goes Tango" seeks to reproduce this encounter and feeds classical music with popular art.

„Morelló plays with great spirit and the interpretations are tonally varied, sensitive and imaginatively coloured.“

Stringendo Magazine

„An absolutely recommendable CD with excellently interpreted chamber music!“

Robert Schumann Gesellschaft

„Roger Morelló Ros impresses with a noble, substantial and sensitive tone.“

Aachener Zeitung

„An unusual album that shows how modern Schumann can sound and how much there is to discover about the new tango.“

O-Ton Magazine

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Tonmeister: Hans-Werner Huppertz

Release date: February 2022

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